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We are a team of experienced online journalists, former online casino employers, and tech gurus that run the RealMoneySlots-Mobile web portal. Our web portal offers unique insights into the world of real money slots run on mobile phones and tablets. What makes us unique and appreciated by our army of followers is that we explain all slots in details. Each information you find here is vetted by our people and double checked. Our business is based on the fact that what you the reader find here is so solid that you will come back for more again, and again. We as a company thrive on your hunger for real, honest, and relevant information. Whether it is a small guide on how to play some real slot for money, or bonus codes, everything is done with the same diligence as the one before, and the thing that comes after.

My name is Rudy Singleton and I am the co-founder of the Real Money Slots Mobile web portal and the chief editor. For almost twenty years I was working for NetEnt, one of the biggest reputable software providers online. Twenty years later, in 2015 I decided that I needed a change, so I left the company to start my own. Together with my two partners, I created the Real Money Slots Mobile web portal that has been a success since day one.

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